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Join me on the journey to release your potential to achieve high levels of success in your personal and financial life. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, business executive, corporate worker or blue collar worker, the Millionairess Club is for you. The Millionairess Club provides an understanding and gives you the motivation you need to develop into the greater you. A paradigm shift in your mind will take place and you will experience an exciting and new level of fulfillment and joy. Step into your next level of success boldly and more confidently by discovering the Millionairess within.

The Millionaires Club will help you gain the confidence to go “BIG” and breakthrough what is holding you back. Break stagnation and arrive at your intention. Discover how to liberate yourself so you can accomplish your grand vision and live your dreams!

By giving your donation of $29/month to the Jewel Tankard Foundation, you gain optional access to the benefit below. Your monthly donation assists the Jewel Tankard Foundation with operation costs, financial literacy education, support to single mothers and women affected by domestic violence. Click here to learn more about the Jewel Tankard Foundation at jeweltankardfoundation.org.
Benefits of the
Opportunity to be part of a network of forward-thinking women who celebrate your accomplishments
Mentorship from those that have achieved mega-successs
Access to unique money-growth secrets and investment strategies not available to the masses.
Accountability and Q/A sessions to assure consistent actions match the desire for wealth
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Club Discussion
Money Management
Business Development
Personal Development
The Art of
Live Trainings and Education with Jewel and Her Team of Advisors
Relationship Building and Networking with Like-Minded Individuals
Access to Tools and Resources that can Catapult Your Life
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  • Bi-Monthly Webinars with Millionairess Advisors

**A percentage of your monthly subscription goes to assist the Jewel Tankard Foundation in it’s initiatives for single mothers and domestic violence survivors.

What they are saying about Dr Jewel
“After my husband passed away, I was confused about how to rebuild and continue creating a legacy for my children. Jewel stepped in and her financial mentorship has been priceless. I’ve been able to flip my money many times over and understand how to build multi-generational wealth.”

Nadine Chase, Marietta, GA
“Dr. Jewel helped me to go beyond a successful corporate boss to being a thriving investor. I even started my own financial company helping others.”

Amanda Thomas Wilson, Washington, DC
“When I moved to Tennessee, I had no money except my last paycheck and 401k coupled with lots of student loan debt. Growing up with a wealthy family, I soon learned that due to lack of education from matriarch and patriarch, when they transitioned, we only spent what we had. Connecting with Jewel afforded me to have a mindset shift where finances, saving, and investing is concerned. Through her mentorship program, I was able to gain knowledge and strategies to pay off debt, invest, build my accounts, travel the world, and am now living the life of my dreams!

Camille Westmoreland, Murfreesboro, TN
“I knew how to save but I knew nothing about investing. I had saved thousands of dollars with no clue where to put it. Jewel helped me start investing in real estate, precious metals and enhance my portfolio with serious hard assets. I’m building true wealth.”

Chanel Chase, Atlanta, GA
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